Tom’s Sales and Service

Question:  Bill,  what would you say are the contributing factors to your dramatic Country Clipper sales increase?

I believe Country Clipper twin stick models on display along with the joysticks got more people to consider Country Clipper. Some customers shied away from country clipper when we only displayed models with joysticks, because they are unfamiliar with it. Once they see that they can buy Country Clipper either way, they are usually open to try the joystick and many like it and end up buying one.

 We also started using the “12 Point Value” in our sales presentations along with the cut-away spindle and emphasizing the importance of the pivoting Front Axle and deck. The sales training that C S I provided helped us become more familiar with the key features and how to use them in our presentation to the customers. Country Clipper is a unique product loaded with exclusive features that our competitors cannot offer, once the customer sees this value, they will buy Country Clipper.

 I never thought that I could sell big expensive Defenders in my marketplace, but when we stocked them, we sold two 72 inch plus one 60” this year.  The 72” Defender was a real hit and attention getter in our display at our local fair.  It created traffic in our display, what an awesome machine!

 The cruise became an incentive last spring, once our sales reached a point where we realized that we may be able to qualify. We actually ended up having enough points to earn a free cruise!  We are excited about going on our first Country Clipper Cruise in January. Vacationing in the Caribbean with a big group of dealers that are in the same business as us sounds like lots of fun. I also pick up lots of valuable ideas and knowledge whenever I have an opportunity to network with fellow dealers.

Bill Schirmer Brookville, IN June 27, 2016