Hills Agra-Tech

I deal with several companies; and the fact that Conniff Sales is family owned and operated, shows in the people that work there as it is much more personal. The fact that when you call, you know who you are talking to, and they likewise do also.  The effect is that problems are resolved much quicker. The fact that John Crutcher,  as a Territory Manager,  is a man that you can reach and who gets things done is also very important. We as dealers seem to be kept up to date on information from the Shivvers Company, and that is also important. The out lying companies that Conniff Sales choose to represent always seem to be quality companies,  and I feel that is due in large part to the fact that it is a family company and not tied to product that they might be forced to handle as a large corporation chain.  That is the same reason that I pick companies for our business that fit the quality that we want to be associated with our name. When I call and order a mower, it is shipped right away and that is important.

Roger Hill Orient, OH September 12, 2016