Maple Valley Implement

Question:  Cory, what factors do you consider to be the most important in your past success selling Country Clipper?

Two major factors…..

Word-of-mouth from previous customers talking to their friends and neighbors about their Country Clippers. We have a great product and our customers are very satisfied with it. They love the features especially the joystick Control and also the standup deck these are the main two features that people come looking for when they have talked to a Country clipper owner. There are many other great features too such as the articulating deck and axle system and the new handrail accessory. We sold a lot of the new handrails, our customers really like this feature, in fact I will probably order as many handrails as machines on my stock order due to its popularity.

Newspaper advertising is the other item that has been very effective for us at bringing customers through our door. We advertise in four local community newspapers that are free and go to all residents in that area. We always run a one fourth page Color ad that is very prominent in the papers, we rotate between the four papers.

…… These are the two things that I feel bring us the most Business.

There are many other important factors as well….

The Country Clipper product Quality and durability, Most of the first machines that we have sold are still out there running strong. The heavy deck construction is a major factor of durability.

We also make sales as a result of people comparing products online, who visit Country Clipper’s website, and find us through the dealer locator there.

We make a good profit margin on country clipper, we do not have to cut the price on them because we can bring the value up by showing them the heavy construction, unique features, and easy operation.

We love going on the annual cruise, this is a major incentive for us. This is our only vacation that we take each year and it is very special to us.

Cory Furlong Nashville, MI May 27, 2016