Kiesel Enterprises

Question:   What factors do you consider to be most important in your past success selling Country Clipper?

I would say advertising is the number one factor. Randy our owner, commits a lot of funds to advertising. We put a lot of money and effort into advertising. Continuity is very important as well as using more than one media. We use Radio, TV and newspaper inserts about 3 to 4 times per season. These are tied into our promotions including our home show display and our own open house.

Second I would say is our utilization of the demo program. Taking a unit to the customer’s property for them to try it on their own lawn is a key factor in making more sales. It gives the customer an opportunity to get comfortable on the machine and see how it does his job, therefore he is comfortable with making buying decision.

Another important program is the retail financing. About 60% of our sales are made using the 0% financing programs that are offered.

We keep a complete selection of sizes and models on display for the customer to view and try out and this helps us make more sales. Sometimes we may not have the exact model that the customer desires that’s what is nice about being able to call C S I and get a unit shipped out the same day. Sometimes we make sales because of this quick availability, most of your competition cannot get product this quickly so we make the sale.

Customer referrals and testimonials are another big factor. Each machine sold to a satisfied customer seems to generate more referrals and sales. Recently, we received a written testimonials from a customer sharing his satisfaction with their country clipper mower, we don’t hesitate to share this with prospective customers.

Question:  How would you rate, Conniff Sales as a distributor / supplier?

In one word outstanding! We enjoy the full cooperation of your inside staff, whether it’s parts look up, Product knowledge, services assistance, or getting a rush order out their  can-do attitude is  appreciated.  Tom Eberle,, C S I territory manager, has a vast knowledge of the industry. His knowledge is very helpful to us and he is always willing to take his time to help us anyway he can.  He is always available to help us with our special events such as the home show and our open house.

Kenny Kiesel Princeton, IN May 27, 2016