Kirk’s Supply

Our story…

We (Matt & Beth Kirk) have owned our store for 3 1/2 years.  When we purchased our store, the previous owners had carried the Dixon zero turn mowers, which we continued selling until Dixon mowers were no longer being made under the Dixon name.  We decided to carry Country Clipper mowers after researching several different brands of mowers.  It certainly has been one of the best decisions we have made in regards to our business.  This is our second year carrying Country Clipper mowers, and we have already sold 23 units this year!  Our store is in the “Thumb” of Michigan (somewhat “in the middle of nowhere”), but these mowers sell themselves.  On more than one occasion, we have had current Country Clipper owners in our store purchasing blades or other parts for their Country Clipper while another customer is looking at purchasing their first Country Clipper, and the current owner sells the mower for us.  You know you have a great product when owners like their lawn mower so much they want to share how great their machine is.  After much encouragement from Mark last year, we attended the Conniff Annual Meeting, and it was a fantastic experience.  We learned a lot, were able to connect with other dealers, and were able to take advantage of great booking discounts.  The Annual Meeting was informative, in a relaxed environment, we will be back this year.  The entire Conniff team has been excellent to work with, always willing to answer simple to complex questions, and providing the support we as dealers need to be successful.  We are thankful that we work with Conniff and Country Clipper to provide GREAT mowers to our customers!

Matt & Beth Kirk [email protected] Fairgrove, MI October 26, 2016