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Our truck delivering mowers to ProTrade Hardware
Photo Credit Jenn Bates

What Our Dealers Have Said

“In the spring of 2017 we became a Country Clipper Dealer.  Initially I did very well with the machines. The only apprehension customers would express would be from lack of brand recognition. The quality of the machines is incredible.  The support from the team at Conniff Sales has been incredible. Our second year was much better than the first. I’m confident we will continue to grow with the brand. Becoming a Country Clipper Dealer has been the best business decision I have ever made.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am that Silas Miller stopped in one day to show me the machines.”

Mark Donovan
February 15, 2019
Great company to work with! Very flexible, personal service within the Conniff Sales. Always open for ideas, and ways to improve their products! Looking forward to many years of representing the Country Clipper brand, and doing business with Conniff Sales!

Mahlon Martin
July 23, 2018
I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the meeting.  It shows how much work goes into it when you see how well it is attended and how well things go.  I told Jeff that it’s not looked upon as a “meeting,” but as a time when friends get together to share and learn.  You keep it short but on track.  It feels more like a family reunion than a meeting, but I guess in a big way it is.  We are all part of the Conniff  family.  See you next year, probably for last time as I am planning to retire, after 10 years of being retired AND still working.  I will always be a part of Hills Agra-Tech and will always feel a part of the Conniff family. Roger Hill Orient, OH November 15, 2016

Our story…

We (Matt & Beth Kirk) have owned our store for 3 1/2 years. When we purchased our store, the previous owners had carried the Dixon zero turn mowers, which we continued selling until Dixon mowers were no longer being made under the Dixon name. We decided to carry Country Clipper mowers after researching several different brands of mowers. It certainly has been one of the best decisions we have made in regards to our business. This is our second year carrying Country Clipper mowers, and we have already sold 23 units this year! Our store is in the “Thumb” of Michigan (somewhat “in the middle of nowhere”), but these mowers sell themselves. On more than one occasion, we have had current Country Clipper owners in our store purchasing blades or other parts for their Country Clipper while another customer is looking at purchasing their first Country Clipper, and the current owner sells the mower for us. You know you have a great product when owners like their lawn mower so much they want to share how great their machine is. After much encouragement from Mark last year, we attended the Conniff Annual Meeting, and it was a fantastic experience. We learned a lot, were able to connect with other dealers, and were able to take advantage of great booking discounts. The Annual Meeting was informative, in a relaxed environment, we will be back this year. The entire Conniff team has been excellent to work with, always willing to answer simple to complex questions, and providing the support we as dealers need to be successful. We are thankful that we work with Conniff and Country Clipper to provide GREAT mowers to our customers!

Matt & Beth Kirk
[email protected]
Fairgrove, MI
October 26, 2016

I deal with several companies; and the fact that Conniff Sales is family owned and operated, shows in the people that work there as it is much more personal. The fact that when you call, you know who you are talking to, and they likewise do also. The effect is that problems are resolved much quicker. The fact that John Crutcher, as a Territory Manager, is a man that you can reach and who gets things done is also very important. We as dealers seem to be kept up to date on information from the Shivvers Company, and that is also important. The out lying companies that Conniff Sales choose to represent always seem to be quality companies, and I feel that is due in large part to the fact that it is a family company and not tied to product that they might be forced to handle as a large corporation chain. That is the same reason that I pick companies for our business that fit the quality that we want to be associated with our name. When I call and order a mower, it is shipped right away and that is important.

Roger Hill
Orient, OH
September 12, 2016
I just wanted to submit some feedback on the Spindle Cut-Out. My first mower that I sold this year was probably because of this! Thanks again! If other dealers don’t have one, I think the Cut-Out will pay for itself on the first sale!

Shawn Light
Wabash, IN
June 27, 2016
Question: Bill, what would you say are the contributing factors to your dramatic Country Clipper sales increase?

I believe Country Clipper twin stick models on display along with the joysticks got more people to consider Country Clipper. Some customers shied away from country clipper when we only displayed models with joysticks, because they are unfamiliar with it. Once they see that they can buy Country Clipper either way, they are usually open to try the joystick and many like it and end up buying one.

We also started using the “12 Point Value” in our sales presentations along with the cut-away spindle and emphasizing the importance of the pivoting Front Axle and deck. The sales training that C S I provided helped us become more familiar with the key features and how to use them in our presentation to the customers. Country Clipper is a unique product loaded with exclusive features that our competitors cannot offer, once the customer sees this value, they will buy Country Clipper.

I never thought that I could sell big expensive Defenders in my marketplace, but when we stocked them, we sold two 72 inch plus one 60” this year. The 72” Defender was a real hit and attention getter in our display at our local fair. It created traffic in our display, what an awesome machine!

The cruise became an incentive last spring, once our sales reached a point where we realized that we may be able to qualify. We actually ended up having enough points to earn a free cruise! We are excited about going on our first Country Clipper Cruise in January. Vacationing in the Caribbean with a big group of dealers that are in the same business as us sounds like lots of fun. I also pick up lots of valuable ideas and knowledge whenever I have an opportunity to network with fellow dealers.

Bill Schirmer
Brookville, IN
June 27, 2016
Two major factors…..

Word-of-mouth from previous customers talking to their friends and neighbors about their Country Clippers. We have a great product and our customers are very satisfied with it. They love the features especially the joystick Control and also the standup deck these are the main two features that people come looking for when they have talked to a Country clipper owner. There are many other great features too such as the articulating deck and axle system and the new handrail accessory. We sold a lot of the new handrails, our customers really like this feature, in fact I will probably order as many handrails as machines on my stock order due to its popularity.

Newspaper advertising is the other item that has been very effective for us at bringing customers through our door. We advertise in four local community newspapers that are free and go to all residents in that area. We always run a one fourth page Color ad that is very prominent in the papers, we rotate between the four papers.

…… These are the two things that I feel bring us the most Business.

There are many other important factors as well….

The Country Clipper product Quality and durability, Most of the first machines that we have sold are still out there running strong. The heavy deck construction is a major factor of durability.

We also make sales as a result of people comparing products online, who visit Country Clipper’s website, and find us through the dealer locator there.

We make a good profit margin on country clipper, we do not have to cut the price on them because we can bring the value up by showing them the heavy construction, unique features, and easy operation.

We love going on the annual cruise, this is a major incentive for us. This is our only vacation that we take each year and it is very special to us.

Cory Furlong
Nashville, MI
May 27, 2016
Question: What factors do you consider to be most important in your past success selling Country Clipper?

I would say advertising is the number one factor. Randy our owner, commits a lot of funds to advertising. We put a lot of money and effort into advertising. Continuity is very important as well as using more than one media. We use Radio, TV and newspaper inserts about 3 to 4 times per season. These are tied into our promotions including our home show display and our own open house.

Second I would say is our utilization of the demo program. Taking a unit to the customer’s property for them to try it on their own lawn is a key factor in making more sales. It gives the customer an opportunity to get comfortable on the machine and see how it does his job, therefore he is comfortable with making buying decision.

Another important program is the retail financing. About 60% of our sales are made using the 0% financing programs that are offered.

We keep a complete selection of sizes and models on display for the customer to view and try out and this helps us make more sales. Sometimes we may not have the exact model that the customer desires that’s what is nice about being able to call C S I and get a unit shipped out the same day. Sometimes we make sales because of this quick availability, most of your competition cannot get product this quickly so we make the sale.

Customer referrals and testimonials are another big factor. Each machine sold to a satisfied customer seems to generate more referrals and sales. Recently, we received a written testimonials from a customer sharing his satisfaction with their country clipper mower, we don’t hesitate to share this with prospective customers.

Question: How would you rate, Conniff Sales as a distributor / supplier?

In one word outstanding! We enjoy the full cooperation of your inside staff, whether it’s parts look up, Product knowledge, services assistance, or getting a rush order out their can-do attitude is appreciated. Tom Eberle,, C S I territory manager, has a vast knowledge of the industry. His knowledge is very helpful to us and he is always willing to take his time to help us anyway he can. He is always available to help us with our special events such as the home show and our open house.

Kenny Kiesel
Princeton, IN
May 27, 2016

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